• Cosmos Yellow Gold Bracelet

Cosmos Yellow Gold Bracelet

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The Cosmos Necklace has sparkling charm that will highlight the beauty of your neck. It is a beautiful piece handcrafted in 18K rose gold, consisting of 11 diamonds that are the sparkling factor of the piece. The flagship collection of the Catalan firm is special, because you can wear it on any occasion where your love for brilliance stars.

With the Cosmos Necklace you can enhance your looks of wide necklines and collected hair. On this occasion, the Grau piece reflects the magic of the night sky, thanks to its 18K rose gold and 0.24 ct diamonds. in Russian mouth frames that come off in a fluid way on the 41 cm collar. All this harmony of the firmament has been inspired by the fantastic display of stars on a clear night, and now you can wear it on your neck while living the present and your special moments with intensity.

  • Reference:A303183211@,2P

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