• Cosmos Yellow Gold Necklace

Cosmos Yellow Gold Necklace

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The Cosmos Necklace is a charming piece that will enhance your looks of wide necklines and collected hair. Its hypnotic design consists of a necklace in 18K yellow gold, from which several diamonds are detached that shine like beautiful stars on the clearest night. The flagship collection of the Catalan firm, brings you a little piece of heaven so that you can wear it in the most special moments.

With the Cosmos Necklace you can wear a piece with night sky magic on your neck. It is a resplendent 18K yellow gold jewel, which is adorned with 0.24 cts Russian mouth diamonds. and a 41 cm necklace. All this balance makes for the flagship collection of the Catalan firm, which is handcrafted by expert jewelers. Create stellar outfits with other pieces in Grau gold, and feel how harmony takes your most special outfits.

  • Reference:A303183211@,2Y

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