• Cosmos Rose Gold Necklace

Cosmos Rose Gold Necklace

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The Cosmos Necklace is a beautiful little piece of heaven, which shines like the most starry night. Crafted in 18K rose gold, the Grau necklace is adorned with 11 diamonds that emulate the pure light of the stars. All this exclusive radiance can be worn with other pieces from the Catalan firm's Cosmos collection, and thus create true works of art in your outfits.

With the Cosmos Necklace your outfits will have the beauty of the night sky. It is a jewel with 0.48 cts Russian diamonds that adorn the entire 18K rose gold necklace. This piece of jewelry has a unique charm that allows you to highlight the exclusivity of your looks with wide necklines and collected hairstyles. The length of the necklace is 41 cm and has an extra 2 cm to fit precisely. Inspired by the spectacular display of stars on a clear night, the Cosmos collection is your perfect option if you want to awaken the beauty of your deepest dreams and desires in your outfits.

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