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  • Sharp Simon Pig & Hen Bracelet

Sharp Simon Pig & Hen Bracelet

History is what makes humanity interesting. Pig & Hen is a special brand, not only for its artisanal way of making boat rope bracelets, but also for the manifestation of all this creative force in its designs and colors.


If you love adventure as much as Pig & Hen, this is your match today. Travel far and wide, wherever you dream, with a design handcrafted with ship rope in Holland. The Pig & Hen bracelet harmoniously combines shades such as ivory, silver and slate gray with a D-Shackle, characteristic of maritime life. This Dutch firm is characterized by creating pieces with character, with which you can express your desire for freedom and adventure; But not only, you can also start living that dream thanks to an accessory for men designed to go beyond your limits.

  • Reference:P07S21182132M

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