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  • Bracelets ENERGIA + Unode50

Bracelets ENERGIA + Unode50

The ENERGIA + Unode50 Bracelets belong to the Ecstasy collection of bracelets for women that bring life to your outfit with unique handcrafted stones that evoke modern rugged artisan culture. Be subtle, radiating confidence with accessories that make you shine.


ENERGY + Unode50 Bracelets bring a unique and admirable style to your look. This collection of pieces for women, is made of handcrafted crystals brought by Unode50 to make you look distinctive at any moment.

Its design features numerous handcrafted stones inspired by the balance of nature, it consists of silver plated metal with a festival of cool and warm colors, the favorite for you to radiate joy and confidence.

Not as common as any other women's bracelet, handcrafted in Spain, with a length of 15cm and 17cm, you can wear them in any trendy look you are passionate about.

  • Reference:PUL1848MCLMTLM

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