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  • HEAL-ME Unode50

HEAL-ME Unode50

The Bracelets HEAL-ME Unode50 Bracelets are part of the collection of bracelets for women Freedom, they fill your appearance with life with an exclusive trio of Swarovski crystals that evoke handmade roots with a lot of subtlety. Look unique and elegant with high-end accessories.


Bracelets HEAL-ME Unode50, make the exclusive jewelry Freedom collection, with designs that emphasize kindness shines through as blue dragonflies accompanied by the word 'health' asmain message.

The Bracelets HEAL-ME Unode50 are intended to be irreproachable in any outfit you want use these accessories for women they represent the Austrian culture Swarovski crystals in blue tones that are unmistakable. They have a measurement of 17 cm in length and an elasticity function for a better experience, a feminine jewel that you should never stop wearing.

These women's bracelets Unode50 have been handcrafted in Spain. Available to accompany you on special occasions and to offer you a glamorous appearance.

  • Reference:PUL2040AZUMTLM

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