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  • Constella bracelet

Constella bracelet

The bracelet Constella bracelet is one of the classic accessories from the Collection I, Constella collection. This jewelry for women offers an exclusive design inspired by the softness and lightness of the clouds. Bathed in rose gold, this jewel evokes elegance and sobriety, becoming one of the most distinguished pieces that cannot be missing in any prestigious celebration or even during the day-to-day.


The Constella bracelet is based on the conventional solitaire design. The ideal touch of luminosity and brilliance of this exclusive bracelet for women is given by the Swarovski crystals that are embedded in tooth settings.


Reflecting the wonder of the cosmos, the Constella bracelet measures 16.5 cm in length. However, it can be adjusted to different measures according to the preference and tastes of each beautiful lady, thus standing out as a versatile piece.


This subtle bracelet can be worn with the Constella Swarovski necklace, belonging to the same collection.

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