• Malaquita Cord Bracelet Grau

Malaquita Cord Bracelet Grau

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Natural malaquita stone and black cord are all you need to showcase the perfect accessory for this summer, the new Malaquita Cord Bracelet Grau. We have embraced simplicity, ease of use, and the magic that accompanies natural stones. If you love green, this bracelet will be an incredible choice, given the green veins that malaquita naturally shows.

This bracelet is crafted with a durable black cord and features a sliding knot that allows for a perfect fit on the wrist. It is adorned with beads made of malaquita stone. Malaquita is a semi-precious stone with an unparalleled green color. Interestingly, it is considered a stone of protection and transformation. It is believed to have the ability to absorb negative energies and balance emotions, promoting a state of calmness and well-being. Additionally, it is associated with creativity and mental clarity, assisting the wearer in expressing themselves authentically and making decisions with greater clarity. Wearing this malaquita bracelet will allow you to enjoy the energetic and spiritual properties of this special stone. Furthermore, its elegant and subtle design makes it a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn on various occasions. Get this malaquita bracelet at Joyería Online Grau!
  • Reference:497BC-MALACH

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