• Grau Elastic Bracelet with Diamonds

Grau Elastic Bracelet with Diamonds

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A jewel is more than just an accessory; it is a small treasure that we carry with us, an expression of our innermost personality that we share with the world. The Riviere Grau bracelet invites you to do just that, to show the world your essence, your style, your elegance through diamonds.
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What makes the Riviere Grau bracelet truly exceptional is its meticulous craftsmanship and choice of the highest quality materials. Every detail has been carefully considered by the house's master jewelers, who have dedicated their talent and expertise to create a piece of jewelry that transcends time and becomes a symbol of timeless elegance. The 18-karat yellow gold setting has been completed with 49 Brown diamonds with a total weight of 7.85 carats, which capture the light in a way that seems to illuminate everything around them. Whether you choose to wear it alone as the centerpiece of your look or combine it with other gold bracelets, this Grau stretch bracelet is the perfect choice to express your style and personality.
  • Reference:406BR015@YGBRO

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