• Grau Rose Gold Turquoise and Diamond Bracelet

Grau Rose Gold Turquoise and Diamond Bracelet

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Rose gold, also known as pink gold, is an alloy of pure gold with copper and silver, which give it its characteristic pink hue. Its use in jewelry dates back to Roman times, and since then it has been appreciated for its understated elegance and versatility. In the Grau bracelet, 18-karat rose gold becomes the perfect base for a design that exudes sophistication. Its natural warmth perfectly complements the vibrant sparkle of turquoise and the twinkling of diamonds, creating an unparalleled color harmony.
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On the 18-karat rose gold base, a masterful dance of geometry and light unfolds. Delicate squares, set with deep and vibrant blue turquoises, intertwine in a pattern that instantly captivates. Each of these squares becomes an atmosphere of beauty, creating a spectacle of endless sparkles that catch the eye. The rounded and light edges in the composition contrast exquisitely with the rigidity of the geometric structure, adding a touch of softness and dynamism to the piece. To maximize the beauty of this open design, Grau incorporates diamonds on the outer surface of some of the squares, elevating the presence of this jewel to a new level.
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