Gold & Color

Discover our selection of enamel jewels from Grau Jewellery. Mix and match the different jewels to create a more casual and colourful look.

Coloured rings

As summer charms, show off your sweetest and most coquette essence with the coloured enamel rings, combined with precious stones from Grau Jewellery.

A jewel forever

Our jewels are made from 18k gold, treated exclusively in our workshop to ensure that the final pieces are of the highest possible quality and will last a lifetime.

Enamel necklaces

Find all the colour enamel necklaces available from Grau Jewellery.

Shine with Grau

Diamonds are the most elegant gemstone. In this fun selection of colourful pieces, diamonds are the final ingredient that adds sparkle and distinction to these unique pieces. Sparkle with Grau Jewellery pieces.

Enamel earrings

Add a touch of colour to your summer with these enamelled gold earrings, full of life and freshness.