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Solve your doubts about ring sizes and other jewelry.

Know everything about the sizes of Grau jewels and get it right.

Guide to Grau Ringss

At Grau, we use the Spanish and European measurement table.

If you don't know your ring size, we suggest different ways to find it out:

Method 1 - Measure a ring

Measure the diameter of a ring you already have and find the equivalence.

1. Choose a ring that you already have and that fits you well.

2. Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the inside diameter.

3. Write down the result and find out what your height is according to the equivalence table below:

DiameterSpanish SizeEuropean Size
15 mm747
15,2 mm848
15,5 mm949
15,9 mm1050
16,2 mm1151
16,5 mm1252
16,8 mm1353
17,1 mm1454
17,4 mm1555
17,8 mm1656
18 mm1757
18,4 mm1858
18,7 mm1959
19 mm2060
19,3 mm2161
19,6 mm2262
20 mm2363
20,3 mm2464
20,6 mm2565

If you have any doubts, contact us.

Method 2 - Measure your finger

Measure the circumference of your finger with a strip of paper and look in the table of equivalences.

1. Cut a small strip of paper about 1 cm wide.

2. Wrap the finger with the paper, without pressing too much and gently.

3. The bottom end will be the starting point.

4. On the remaining piece of paper, mark with a pencil or pen the final reference point (as shown in the video).

5. Unfold the paper and measure the result with a measuring tape or ruler. This is the outline of your finger.

6. Write down the result and check what your size is in the equivalence guide:

ContourSpanish SizeEuropean Size
47 mm747
48 mm848
49 mm949
50 mm1050
51 mm1151
52 mm1252
53 mm1353
54 mm1454
55 mm1555
56 mm1656
57 mm1757
58 mm1858
59 mm1959
60 mm2060
61 mm2161
62 mm2262
63 mm2363
64 mm2464
65 mm2565

If you have any doubts, contact us.

Method 3 - Print and check

Print the Grade Sizes sheet to find your size based on a ring you already own.

1. Download the Grau Size Guide file, here.

2. Print the document. Make sure that the document dimension is set to 100% or that the “Fit to page” option is disabled.

3. Do the checks indicated on the document to ensure that it’s printed correctly.

4. Follow the instructions to discover your ring size.

If you have any doubts contact us.

Grau rings can be made to custom size.

We have our own workshop, so if we don’t have a ring in your size, we can make the ring to the size you want.

If you have any doubts contact us.

Sizes of other brands

At Joyería Grau we are official distributors of the most renowned jewelery and watch brands. Some firms work with their own size system, therefore, we leave you information on each one of them.

Choose the firm and find the official information:

Agatha Paris

Agatha Rings

Agatha's rings use the European sizing system. These are the firm's usual sizes and their equivalent in millimeters of inner ring diameter:

15,3 mm48
15,9 mm50
16,6 mm52
17,2 mm54
17,8 mm56
18,5 mm58

Agatha Bracelets

The firm offers three sizes of bracelets:

51 - 52 Small Size (PM)
53 - 54Medium Size (MM)
55 - 56Large Size (GM)

Baraka Men's Bracelets

To know the size of your ideal Baraka bracelet, follow the steps below:

1. Use a tape measure, a strip of paper, or string or thread.

2. Measure your wrist closely and add 0.5 to 1 cm more to the result.

3. Choose the measurement of the Baraka bracelet according to this table and your result:

Wrist circumference (cm)Recommended measurement (cm)
17,5 - 18,519
18,5 - 19,520
19,5 - 20,521
20,5 - 21,522
21,5 - 22,523
22,5 - 23,524
Dinh Van

To know the Dinh Van size guide, you can download the official PDF size guide here.

Even so, Dinh van offers you a table of equivalences with the most common sizes of the firm and its equivalent with international sizing:

Dinh Van SizeCompatible Size

Dodo rings

You can discover your Dodo ring size through these two official downloadable PDFs offered by the firm: 

Measurement with a ring

Finger Contour Measurement

You can find more information about the firm here.

Gigi Clozeau

Gigi Clozeau Bracelets

The firm makes three sizes:

5.9", 6.7" and 7.1".

  • The 5.9" is more appropriate for children, but may also work for an adult XS wrist. It has a 5.5" adjustable ring.

5.9" is 15 cm

  • The 6.7" size (standard size) with 6.3" clamping ring is the most common - it's made to fit a slim to normal wrist. We recommend that you wear the bracelet as tight as possible.

6.7" is 17 cm.

  • The 7.1" size with a 6.7" clamp ring is made to fit a larger wrist. We recommend that you wear the bracelet as tight as possible.

7.1" is 18 cm.

Gigi Clozeau Necklaces

There are 7 sizes of collars available depending on the model chosen:

  • 15.7" with 15" tether ring, available only in the “Mini Gigi” collection.
  • 16.5" with 15.7" snap ring (standard size)
  • 17.7" with 17" snap ring
  • 19.7" with 18.8" snap ring
  • 21.7" with 20.8" snap ring
  • 23.6" long with 23" tether ring
  • 34" long necklace

For your convenience, we have added an equivalence table between inches and cm in length for necklaces:

  • 15.7" / 40cm
  • 16.5" / 42cm
  • 17.7” / 45cm
  • 19.7” / 50cm
  • 21.7” / 55cm
  • 23.6” / 60cm
  • 34” / 86cm

Gucci rings 

Gucci uses the Italian sizing system for its jewelry. The firm offers two downloadable files to know your ring size and get it right, using two methods:

Ring measurement

Paper finger gauge

In addition, we leave below a guide to the usual sizes of the Italian firm and its equivalent in different known size systems:

08XXS48I4 1/27.8
10XS50J-K5 1/49.7
13S53M-N6 1/212.6
16M56P7 1/215.4
19L59R8 3/418.3
23XL63U-V10 1/422.2
26XXL66X11 1/225.0

Gucci bracelets

Gucci offers different bracelet sizes depending on its length in cm:

SizeLength (cm)Length (in)
XS15 cm5.9"
S16 cm6.3"
M17 cm6.7"
L18 cm7"
XL19 cm7.5"

Les Georgettes

Les Georgettes puts at your disposal a complete guide to their sizes, both for bracelets and rings, as well as for necklaces.

You can find your guide here.


Messika Rings

The French firm puts at your disposal a complete PDF document to discover your ring size.

You can view and download it here.

Ole Lynggaard

Ole Lynggard Rings

This firm uses the European size chart.

The Danish firm offers you a guide and some useful recommendations to discover the right size. We recommend you download and print it from here.

Brazaletes Ole Lynggard

As with rings, Ole Lynggard offers a suitable ruler to measure your wrist and find the best fit for you. You can download the file here.


Pandora Moments Bracelets

Wrist SizeBracelet Size
13-14 cm15
15-16 cm17
17-18 cm19
19-20 cm21

Pandora Me Bracelets

Wrist SizeBracelet Size
11-12 cm15
13-14 cm16
15-16 cm18
17-18 cm20

Pandora Rings




The fashion jewelry firm uses the Spanish size system. To find out what your ideal ring is, follow these steps:

1. Choose a ring you already have that fits your finger well.

2. Measure the internal diameter of the ring in mm.

3. Find your Pdpaola ring size here:

Internal diameter(mm)PdPaola Size
15,3 mm8
15,9 mm10
16,5 mm12
17,1 mm14
17,8 mm16
18,4 mm18

Pig & Hen

Pig & Hen Bracelets

Make sure by checking the size you need with this official table of the firm:

TallaLargo (cm)
XS15 cm
S16 cm (talla standard para mujer)
S/M17 cm
M18 cm (talla standard para hombre) 
M/L19 cm
L20 cm
XL21 cm

You can also download your printable bracelet to know your Pig&Hen size here.


Pomellato rings

Pomellato rings follow the French / European sizing standard.

From the firm they indicate that the adjustment of a ring varies according to its design. It happens more or less the same as with clothing and footwear.

By fit we mean the adaptability and adjustment of the ring to the finger and regardless of its size, it can be defined as follows:

  • Standard: Close to the actual measurements of the finger. The size matches the measurements.
  • Narrow: Tends to be difficult to remove. It may be necessary to increase its size.
  • Loose: There is space between the finger and the ring, and it may be too loose. It may be necessary to reduce its size.

To find the ideal Pomellato size, the Italian firm offers you two printable documents with two different methods:

Measurement with a ring.

Finger measurement.

Similarly, below you will find a table of equivalences that may be useful:

Ring diameter (mm)

Ring Circumference(mm) / Pomellato Size

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin Rings

If you do not know your ring size for this signature, you can download the official Roberto Coin document to find out your ring size through a ring you already have.

You can download and print it here.


Swarovski Rings and Bracelets

You can download the official Swarovski ring and bracelet size guide here.

You can print the file and check your size.

Uno de 50

Uno de 50 Bracelets

Uno de 50 proposes knowing the size of your bracelet in an easy way, following these steps:

1. Wrap a tape measure around your wrist and write down the measurement.

2. Check the following table to know your size:

SizePerimeter (cm)
S14,6 - 15,5 cm
M15,6 - 16,5 cm
L16,6 - 17,5 cm
XL17,6 - 18,5 cm
XXL18,6 - 20,5 cm

Uno de 50 Rings

To know the ideal ring size, you can do it by measuring the inside diameter of a ring you already have or by measuring the contour of your finger with a tape measure or string.

Check the size of the following equivalences with your result:

SizeDiameter (mm)Circumference (mm)
915,3 - 15,6 mm48,6 mm
1216,3 -16,8 mm51,8 mm
1517,2 -17,7 mm54,8 mm
1818,1 - 18,5 mm58,9 mm
2119,2 -19,4 mm60,8 mm
2319,9 - 20,1 mm63 mm

Uno de 50 Necklaces

The measurement of a necklace is calculated based on its length, that is, what it measures from one end to the other, extended.

Many necklaces are adjustable, so you can adjust the size to your liking taking into account the minimum and maximum length.

If the necklace has a bead, its size is not included in the minimum and maximum size.

To find the ideal size for your necklace you can do it as follows:

1. Measure a necklace you have, from one end of the clasp to the other, on a flat surface.

2. Place a tape measure around your neck, adjust it, and record the measurement.

Review the following graphic guide: 

Contact us

If you still have doubts about the size you need, contact us through any of the following methods or visit one of our jewelry stores.