• White Gold Necklace with Smiley Bar

White Gold Necklace with Smiley Bar

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The White Gold Necklace impresses for its sobriety, but also for the 16 diamonds from Jewelry Grau that make up the smiley bar. The white gold of this neat piece of jewelry is rhodium-plated to enhance the color and create a striking complement. The necklace with Smiley Bar, you can use it on any occasion to increase the balanced beauty of your outfits.

With the White Gold Necklace you will find a special and sophisticated jewel that stands out for its great balance. It presents a smiley bar with 16 diamonds that are part of a perfectly rhodium-plated white gold chain. Each of the elements of the smiley bar necklace are inspired by wanting to enhance your way of being and create moments of sublime minimalism. Additionally, you can create impressive compositions with other gold necklaces from the My Essence collection. Get inspired and inspired with this beautiful necklace from Jewelry Grau.

  • Reference:A3044523Ø0,16W

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