• Necklace Tiny Charms Grau Mystic Motifs

Necklace Tiny Charms Grau Mystic Motifs

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The Tiny Charms Grau necklace is the perfect combination of style, tradition and good taste. A piece of jewellery in yellow gold that invites you to connect with your mystical side and attract positivity into your life with the hand of Fatima, the all-seeing eye, the sun and the moon: all motifs that have a deep meaning.
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The Tiny Charms necklace is a creation that invites you to discover the mystical essence that resides in every woman. Crafted in 18kt yellow gold, this Grau necklace is distinguished by its original and vibrant design. The enchanting multi-hooks that adorn it give it a fresh and unique air, perfect for women seeking to highlight their personal style. For starters, it is adorned with the hand of Fatima, an outstretched hand that is interpreted as a gesture of blessing. It is believed to attract good luck, prosperity and abundance. The all-seeing eye, on the other hand, is related to light as a symbol of truth and knowledge; and the sun and moon symbolise the Yin Yang force. Two of these motifs have been embellished with blue sapphires, diamonds and pearls, giving the piece a sublime and attractive lustre.
  • Reference:SN49347Y8MT001

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