• Swarovski Meteora Pendant Rose Gold

Swarovski Meteora Pendant Rose Gold

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Embrace the vastness of the universe and the magic of the stars with the Meteora pendant, a unique piece inspired by the infinite beauty of galaxies. Be captivated by its celestial design, crafted with a rose gold plating that radiates warmth and elegance.
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Its delicate motif, suspended on a fine chain (40 – 47 cm) with a lobster clasp, emulates the fleeting trail of a meteor streaking across the night sky. The centerpiece, a resplendent vault, is embellished with transparent round crystals of different sizes, arranged in a snow pavé that captures light and reflects it in a spectacle of infinite sparkles. This Swarovski pendant can be combined with other pieces from the Meteora collection, such as the bracelet or earrings, to create a complete celestial look. You can also combine it with other minimalist-style jewelry or gold accents for an unforgettable result.
  • Reference:5683450

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