• Grau White Gold Choker with Diamonds

Grau White Gold Choker with Diamonds

This Grau choker is a statement of intent. Its bow design, a symbol of femininity and sensuality, is presented as a seductive embrace for the neck. The 18-karat white gold, resplendent and pure, enhances the natural beauty of the skin, while the strategically placed diamonds create a play of light and shadow that captivates the senses.
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The Grau choker that redefines elegance. A bow of gold and diamonds to conquer the night. The white gold, a symbol of purity and eternity, shines with its own light, enhancing the natural beauty of the skin. But the true protagonist of this choker is the diamonds. On one side, a double row of brilliant-cut white diamonds, masterfully set, sparkle like stars in the sky. On the other side, baguette-cut diamonds, arranged in a perfect row, add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Their elongated shape and rectangular facets create a unique visual effect, which complements perfectly the brilliance of the brilliant-cut diamonds. This white gold choker does not understand ages or styles. It is a versatile piece that adapts to any personality and any occasion. A party night? Combine it with a lingerie dress and stilettos, and let the bow be the protagonist of your look. A formal event? Wear it with a suit jacket and pants, and add a touch of daring to your elegance.
  • Reference:159C659M@BTWG

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