• GRAU Cross Yellow Gold Ring

GRAU Cross Yellow Gold Ring

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The sculptural Grau Yellow Gold Ring is that piece of striking beauty that gives a touch of sophistication to your casual styles. The Catalan firm bets on a jewel with a design full of cultural and organic essence that tells your story in an elegant way. Let yourself be seduced by this jewel amulet and wear an unconditional Grau ring with balance.

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The Grau Yellow Gold Ring has an elegant spirit, which looks ideal with your informal outfits. It is a 18K yellow gold jewel with a crossed design, which impresses with its harmony. This precious Grau ring has been handcrafted by expert jewelers and the gold has been polished to give a more surprising shine to the My Essence ring. This Grau collection is special as it is inspired by culture and the organic world seeking to bring the spirit of beauty that surrounds you and represent it in a yellow gold jewel. Because your outfits deserve a bit of balance, the Grau ring is that unconditional piece to take anywhere and shine.

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