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  • Swarovski Nirvana ring, white, stainless steel

Swarovski Nirvana ring, white, stainless steel

An unrivaled team of designers creates a variety of Fashion Jewelry pieces that are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Young and intense, classic and elegant, exclusive and modern are the words that define the diverse selection of Swarovski creations
Celebrate the style and mastery characteristic of Swarovski with the return of one of our most emblematic and popular designs: the Nirvana ring. Presented for the first time in 1998, our exclusive fully carved crystal ring is now back in an impressive new edition. The glamorous transparent crystal is exquisitely carved with many radiant facets, perfectly designed to form a subtle heart design. The inner ring has a stainless steel bath that enhances the sumptuousness of this elegant accessory, ideal for both elegant and everyday styles. A piece of casual and romantic style with many chances to become your new favorite bedside. Size 55