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  • Swarovski Lifelong Heart Ring

Swarovski Lifelong Heart Ring

Swarovski Lifelong Ring A precious optimistic and loving strength emanates from the new Lifelong Heart Swarovski ring: a jewel of exquisite workmanship, whose very presence tells a story of union, alliance and loyalty - the sum of your deepest longings!
The connection you have with your favorite person is the most special and powerful thing you have in your life... there are jewels designed to perpetuate those unions and that is why the Lifelong Heart collection comes to express those feelings impossible to express in words. This Swarovski wedding ring, precious in its way of expressing love, has an intertwined design of rose gold and silver plated bands, which form a sweet heart next to a single Swarovski stone that refracts light in a kaleidoscopic way, generating flashes of cosmic effect. In the Lifelong Heart ring for women you will also find subtle crystals that protect the silver ring. Give the gift of love in the form of jewelry with a ring that achieves a balance of shapes and metals to fall in love instantly!

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