• Grau Diamond and Platinum Ring

Grau Diamond and Platinum Ring

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Timeless beauty and elegance come together in the Grau platinum ring. This unique piece, which combines masterful craftsmanship with a captivating design, offers a touch of sophistication to suit any event. The central diamond, surrounded by a crown of brilliant-cut diamonds, makes this jewel shine with a splendor all its own.
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The platinum ring is a reinterpretation of a traditional band design, infused with Grau's unmistakable character. Its shape evokes the image of a celestial body and, thanks to the masterful diamond setting, it manages to simulate a captivating sensation of illumination that delicately embraces the finger of the wearer. The ring is adorned with diamonds, and because of its crossed appearance your hands will look iconic. Additionally, this Grau ring is specially designed for the contemporary woman, one who seeks to stand out and express her personal style with a piece of jewelry that reflects her uniqueness. It is a unique and sober addition to any ring collection, bringing a touch of unparalleled distinction.

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