• Emerald and White Gold Rosette Grau Ring

Emerald and White Gold Rosette Grau Ring

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At the center of this rosette ring is an oval-cut emerald. This precious emerald, surrounded by a halo of 14 diamonds, stands as the epitome of distinction. The choice of 18 carat white gold as its base confirms not only a commitment to excellence, but also establishes a dazzling contrast that enhances the unique beauty of each component.
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The innovative design of the Grau ring fuses two classic elements in the world of jewelry: white gold, with its timelessness, and diamonds, companions of elegance. This gold ring is not only a piece of luxury, but a statement of elegance that transcends passing fashions. The 14 diamonds surrounding the central emerald not only add a touch of extra sparkle, but also symbolize eternity and indestructible connection. Each meticulously set diamond tells a story of timeless luxury and sophistication.

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