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Rosette Ring Grau Colombian Emerald and Pink Gold

Introducing the spectacular Rosette Grau ring that arrives this season as the epitome of luxury and sophistication, captivating with its meticulously crafted design. Its centerpiece, an emerald-cut Colombian emerald, not only captures the imagination with its intensity of color, but is also distinguished by its impeccable cut, evidencing the master craftsmanship behind every detail.
The central 8-set Colombian emerald elevates the Grau ring to iconic status, radiating a unique radiance, surrounded by a border of twelve brilliant-cut white diamonds. Each diamond, selected for its brilliance, color and purity, has been precision-set through 8 prongs creating a fusion of sparkling sparkles that enrich the radiant presence of the 18Kt rose gold ring. Wearing this Grau ring on the most important occasions of your life is not only a choice of elegance, but also a statement of unforgettable moments.

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