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Rosette Grau Emerald and Rose Gold Ring

This Rosette Grau ring is a small masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of audacity and artistry. Inspired by a jewelry icon, this jewel features a central oval-cut emerald shimmering in an 18-carat rose gold setting. We are proud to present this miniature revolution, where the intrepid spirit characteristic of each Grau design is perfectly fused with the mastery reflected in its elaborate structure.
The undisputed star of this Grau ring is the exotic emerald, carefully selected and cut in an oval shape, taking center stage. This dazzling emerald has been crowned by a subtle border of diamonds, precisely chosen to enhance its unique beauty. The combination of these elements creates a captivating play of light and color, making the Grau ring a small revolution that will light up your day. The 18-carat rose gold setting that holds this luxury jewelry reflects Grau's extraordinary savoir-faire. Every detail of the setting is crafted with dedication and skill, polished and crafted by hand, demonstrating the expertise of the house's master jewelers.

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