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  • White Gold Rosette Ring with Diamond Band
  • White Gold Rosette Ring with Diamond Band

White Gold Rosette Ring with Diamond Band

The Grau rosette ring is a sensory experience capable of turning any look into an extraordinary one. Discover the magic of wearing a masterfully crafted piece, where every detail reflects a passion for beauty and craftsmanship. This gold ring will not only be engraved in your memory but will also become a symbol of your distinguished and refined style.
This exclusive 18kt white gold women's Grau ring features an alluring four-claw centre diamond, captivating with its intense brilliance and flawless cut. The piece is enhanced by a border of 10 brilliant-cut white diamonds, meticulously set in three shared prongs. Each diamond has been carefully selected for its brilliance, colour and purity, adding an incomparable touch of radiance to the already dazzling centre diamond. Pair it with elegant attire to highlight its splendour, or wear it as a centrepiece in combination with other jewellery for a unique, personalised look. The versatility of this ring allows it to integrate harmoniously with bracelets and earrings, creating refined and distinguished ensembles.

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