• Casio Vintage Stranger Things watch

Casio Vintage Stranger Things watch

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This season comes an unparalleled collaboration between Casio and the global phenomenon 'Stranger Things'. Inspired by the runaway success of the series, set in the year 1986, this joint proposal transports us fully into the eighties atmosphere that the Netflix production has so iconically recreated.

The A120 case of this digital watch is inspired by the vibrant multicolored designs that characterized Casio watches in the 80s, paying homage to the 'Other Side', that enigmatic dimension that, in a parallel way, exists outside the human world in the series. The unisex Casio watch case has front buttons with yellow and blue colors that evoke both the 80s aesthetic and the Demogorgon. In addition, it is constructed with a combination of resin and chrome plating, ensuring its durability; while the resin strap complements the design and ensures comfort during daily use.
  • Reference:A120WEST-1AER

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