• G-SHOCK Master of G Earth Mudmaster watch

G-SHOCK Master of G Earth Mudmaster watch

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The Mudmaster watch, part of the renowned Master of G series, is designed to meet the needs of professionals operating in extreme environments. Its rugged exterior incorporates a protective structure precision-crafted from metal components, raising endurance to a new standard. This men's watch has won the admiration and trust of rangers and rescue teams who brave the elements in difficult terrain.
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The G-SHOCK Master of G's compact yet powerful design features a precision-forged metal exterior, coupled with a 59mm carbon fibre reinforced resin case for exceptional strength and unprecedented durability. The combination of these sustainable materials ensures that the Mudmaster is not only attractive, but also capable of withstanding the rigours of the most demanding situations. The performance of this G-SHOCK watch goes beyond its stunning looks. Radio-controlled and solar-powered, the Mudmaster features a triple sensor that provides accurate information on direction, altitude, barometric pressure and temperature. Dual LED lights and sapphire crystal make it easy to read, ensuring that the time and other displays are clearly visible in all conditions. The Location Indicator function adds an extra dimension to the Mudmaster's usefulness. By entering a specific location into the app, the indicator hand moves to 3 o'clock, pointing in the desired direction. This feature is invaluable in challenging environments, such as sandstorms, where visibility can be compromised - an all-rounder that won't let you down!
  • Reference:GWG-B1000-1A4E

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