• G-SHOCK Master of G Earth Mudmaster 59 mm watch

G-SHOCK Master of G Earth Mudmaster 59 mm watch

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Joining G-SHOCK Master of G this season is a design designed to meet the demands of professionals working in the most challenging environments, the MUDMASTER, which takes endurance to the next level. Its design is specially adapted to cope with the rigours of the most hostile terrestrial environments, earning the recognition and trust of rangers and rescue teams operating in extreme conditions.
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The Master of G Tierra Mudmaster model, with its comfortable 59mm dimensions, features a metal exterior crafted using high-precision forging techniques. The carbon fibre reinforced resin case adds an extra component of exceptional strength and durability, ensuring that this men's watch lives up to expectations even in the most demanding situations. What's remarkable about this accessory goes beyond its looks and convenience, as it is radio-controlled and solar-powered. In addition, it features a triple sensor that provides crucial information on direction, altitude, barometric pressure and temperature. Dual LED lights and sapphire glass make it easy to read the time and other indications, ensuring that information is always available, regardless of the conditions in which the user finds himself. A highlight of MUDMASTER's commitment to the environment is the use of bio-resins in the manufacture of the case, some bezel components and the strap. This eco-friendly choice reflects the brand's commitment to sustainability and highlights its efforts to minimise the environmental impact of its products.
  • Reference:GWG-B1000-3AER

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