• Silver Cystal Shimmer Swarovski Ballpoint Pen

Silver Cystal Shimmer Swarovski Ballpoint Pen

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Swarovski's Crystal Shimmer collection introduces a new object of desire: the crystal biros. A dance between modernity and timelessness, where white lacquer merges with a unique octagonal barrel and round tip design. A perfect balance between form and function, created to awaken creativity in every stroke.

This Swarovski biros features ultra-fine Crystal Rocks embedded in its barrel, catching the light and turning the piece into a sparkling spectacle. A clip, bathed in an elegant metallic plating, rises discreetly on the barrel of the pen, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality. The smooth and precise twist mechanism, meanwhile, allows for a smooth and intuitive writing experience. While the high-quality black ink glides across the paper, leaving an indelible trace of your ideas. The Crystal Shimmer biros, with its compact 14.5 x 1 cm size, makes the perfect gift for any special occasion. A gift that combines practical utility with sublime beauty, capable of surprising and captivating the most demanding of people.
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