• Pink Cystal Shimmer Swarovski Ballpoint Pen

Pink Cystal Shimmer Swarovski Ballpoint Pen

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A writing instrument that defies the ordinary, the Swarovski Crystal Shimmer biros stands as a standard-bearer of elegance and creativity. Its silhouette, lacquered in a pristine pink, evokes a purity that is contrasted by the vibrant energy of the Ultra-fine Crystal Rocks that adorn it.

Its silhouette, lacquered in a delicate pink hue, evokes a sense of lightness and sophistication. A unique design, with an octagonal barrel set against a rounded tip, creates a perfect balance between form and function. The sparkle of Ultra-fine Crystal Rocks adorns the body of the pen, making it a jewel that catches the light with every movement. Functionality is not far behind. A discreet yet sturdy metal clip secures the pen to any pocket or notebook. The twist mechanism is smooth and precise, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted writing. The high-quality, fast-drying black ink captures ideas clearly and sharply.
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