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  • Vortex Baraka Bracelet

Vortex Baraka Bracelet

A masterful piece of jewelry for the exceptional man. The Baraka Vortex bracelet is distinguished by its high quality materials and its technically inspired design, which evokes the innovative universe of the Italian firm's shapes. Integrate this mechanism of engineering and craftsmanship to your elegant and unforgettable outfits.
Sublimate your elegant attire with the timeless Vortex bracelet. This precious men's jewelry reproduces the Baraka spirit with a design that integrates architectural elements through magnificent legendary mechanisms. On this occasion, the Baraka bracelet is distinguished by its materials, which feature black rubber on the bracelet, stainless steel, gold in the center piece and sparkling white diamonds of 10 ct. Its brooch, characteristic of the brand, recreates the Baraka origins, and is one of its most creative emblems. Wrap yourself in the innovative universe of the Italian firm, in which you will feel identified with pieces designed by engineers and materialized by the hands of master craftsmen.
  • Reference:BR263091RODB22

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