• Pandora Moments Infinity Bracelet

Pandora Moments Infinity Bracelet

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The Pandora Moments collection is a creative expression of the Danish firm that invites you to tell your story, your experiences and your memories with jewelry delicately crafted by expert craftsmen. The Infinito bracelet is a unique style reference that conveys your essence in a charming way.

A resounding yes for the Pandora Moments bracelet! For this occasion the firm brings a piece capable of embellishing very personal styles. The bracelet for women is made in sterling silver and consists of a snake chain design that concludes in a clasp with a significant infinity with knot effect. The Moments bracelet is like a blank canvas where you can mix and match expressive charms that tell of your love for your family, pets, travels and partner - it's all in the mix! Combine the memorable Pandora essence with all the jewelry you will find in Grau Jewelry.
  • Reference:590792C00-18

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