• Bracelet Bollicine Grau Yellow Gold and Diamonds

Bracelet Bollicine Grau Yellow Gold and Diamonds

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Under the glow of elegance, the Bollicine Grau bracelet stands as a jewel that fuses the classic with the modern, giving a masterful update to one of the most emblematic designs in traditional jewelry: the beaded chain. Its presence enhances the subtlety of its shapes, while boldly standing out through the combination of white gold, yellow gold and diamonds. By wrapping your wrist with this jewelry, you will radiate the light of your essence throughout your life.

The Bollicine bracelet, a magnificent creation of the house, glides attractively and delicately on your wrist, caressing it like a ray of sunshine on your skin. Its rigid-format design has been meticulously conceived to confer a flash of luxury to this singular bracelet. Each small dial, crafted in 18K yellow gold, has been meticulously crafted to create a succession of light and shadow, generating a captivating play of textures and shimmers. However, that's not all, as the centerpiece of this dazzling bracelet is a white gold bar set with 19 diamonds (0.25 cts.) of FGSI quality, enamoring everyone with its brilliant and flattering effect. As for its magnetic grip, designed with organic textures, it offers the ideal convenience to put on and take off this rigid bracelet at any time you wish. This is how you will achieve a careful and triumphant style, embracing the captivating seduction that emanates from this jewel created by Grau, specially designed for today's empowered women.
  • Reference:S958605M-BR@Y

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