• Rose Gold and Emeralds Grau Cross Ring
  • Rose Gold and Emeralds Grau Cross Ring

Rose Gold and Emeralds Grau Cross Ring

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The craftsmanship and attention to detail that have gone into the creation of this Grau cross ring are evident in every element. From the choice of 18kt rose gold to the precise setting of the exotic emeralds, this ring demonstrates exceptional quality and artistic care that distinguishes it as a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Are you ready to wear the ultimate luxury on your hands?
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The Grau Crossed ring is a universe of emotions, with the sublime combination of 18K rose gold and captivating emeralds, which converge in this piece, transcending the barriers of traditional jewelry. Rose gold, with its warm and delicate tonality, stands as the perfect base to highlight the visual impact of the emeralds in this work of master jewelers Grau. Each of the 126 emeralds (0.88 cts), with their unmistakable exoticism and purity, have been arranged in some of the strips that make up the ring; while the other bands are only hand-polished, giving the Grau ring a radiant and magnetic energy. As a striking jewel, the ring for women, is destined to accompany you in your elegant events, as it presents a volumetry that favors a lot if you prefer to wear the jewels in solitaire.

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