Aura® Jewels

Jewelry inspired by the stars and the cosmos, each piece is a work of art that will accompany you forever. Take the cosmos with you with Grau's Aura® jewelry collection.

Heavenly elegance

At the heart of the Aura® collection beats a magical fusion: gold and diamonds. The two elements, as old as the cosmos, come together to create jewels that transcend time and space.

Starry Nights

Look up and see the night sky illuminated by the stars that pulsate before our eyes, like thousands of diamonds. Shines like the stars with jewelry Grau's Aura® diamond jewelry collection.

Diamond necklaces

Choose the perfect necklace that will always accompany you. Necklaces with 1, 5 or 7 diamonds or double necklaces full of diamonds from the Aura® collection of Grau jewelry.

Designer Earrings

Climbing earrings, waterfall earrings, hoops full of diamonds or button earrings with surprising shapes. Choose the ones that show off your true essence.

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