• Grau Rainbow Fan Earrings
  • Grau Rainbow Fan Earrings

Grau Rainbow Fan Earrings

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The Rainbow Fan Earrings from Grau are here, the perfect choice to wear on a sunny day. It is raining, the sky begins to clear, you look up and you see a beautiful rainbow. Do you remember that feeling? Live that moment every day with these colored stone earrings.

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Grau's Rainbow Fan Earrings are made by hand by our master jewelers. These rainbow earrings for women are very special, since they are made up of several removable parts that adapt to your ear as well as to your outfit. First of all, we find solitary diamond earrings set with four staples in an 18k rose gold setting and snap closure. From each Diamond Earring, hangs a light 18k gold fan-shaped structure with three arms that hold a row of 5 different colored gemstones, sapphires, tsavorites and rubies set with four staples, weighing 0.20 ct each. stone. This structure has 3 holes at different heights that allow you to adapt the position, adjusting to the ear. In addition, if you wish, you can remove this pendant structure to use only the solitaire earring or keep it to show off the Rainbow Earrings for women in full. With this system, the structure is always behind the ear and only the colored stones will be visible. Combine the Rainbow Fan Earrings by Grau with other earrings to create a happy and fun effect.

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