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  • Long Earrings Grau Blue Topazes

Long Earrings Grau Blue Topazes

These treasures will remind you of the blue sky in spring. Pure, bright and perfect, topaz earrings celebrate with you the most significant moments of your life: your wedding, your birthday or your graduation, you'll be happy you found them!
Your face will be illuminated by the brightest earrings that will inhabit your jewelry box. These attractive pieces are crafted by the hands of master jewelers in 18K white gold and embellished by a line of spectacular blue topaz, which, when in contact with light, emanate a glow that you have probably never seen before in your life. The long earrings, have a button setting, which has given these pieces a very captivating serene dynamism. Create your dream outfit at Grau Jewelry, with jewelry that are also feelings.
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