• White Gold & Black Agate Halo Stud Earrings

White Gold & Black Agate Halo Stud Earrings

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Discover the celestial luminosity brought by the black agate earrings of the Halo collection. Inspired by ancient Greco-Roman sculptures, these circular earrings harmoniously fuse the power of black agate, white gold and diamonds. Each piece is a unique treasure that holds the delicacy and beauty of nature, becoming the main attraction of any ensemble.

The Grau earrings come with a geometric design to update one of the most popular collections of the house: Halo. The centerpiece of each of these earrings for women is a circle of Black Agate, a stone that is attributed with a meaning of peace and harmony. Also, what makes these earrings truly special is the halo of 46 diamonds set in 18K white gold that surrounds them. Thanks to their button format, you can wear them in many ways: as stand-alone pieces or paired with other gold earrings to create an iconic earlook - find inspiration at Grau Jewelry.
  • Reference:SE22896W8AG001

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