• Flower Earrings Grau Rose Gold and Diamonds

Flower Earrings Grau Rose Gold and Diamonds

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Grau's new earrings are the Flower Earrings Grau Rose Gold and Diamonds. These earrings are crafted in rose gold with meticulously set diamonds, and they are delicate, elegant, and brimming with natural beauty. Their botanical-inspired design, resembling a flower, makes them a unique and distinctive piece of jewelry. They will be the perfect complement to enhance your beauty and leave a beautiful impression at any special event!
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Rose gold earrings are always a safe choice, as their warm and cool tones perfectly complement any skin tone. For the design of these earrings, has been chosen 18k rose gold, a durable and luxurious material, in which a total of 114 diamonds of 1,75 FVS have been meticulously set. The earrings are designed in the shape of a flower, with four delicate and sophisticated petals. Each petal is meticulously adorned with diamonds along its entire surface, recreating the shimmer of the first rays of sunlight on dew-covered petals. The botanical inspiration in the design of these earrings is evident. The flower's petals are carefully sculpted to capture the natural beauty of light and the symmetrical form of a blooming flower. This design choice highlights the connection between jewelry and nature, providing a touch of freshness and vitality to these earrings. Get them now at our online store!
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