• Long Earrings Grau Morganite & White Gold

Long Earrings Grau Morganite & White Gold

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In the quest for aesthetic perfection, Grau has carefully selected white gold as the ideal metal for these dazzling long earrings. Its purity and versatile tonality provide a perfect balance, allowing the undisputed protagonists, diamonds and morganite, to shine in all their splendor. In recent years, morganite has gained popularity as a gemstone for jewelry. Its soft and romantic look makes it an attractive choice for earrings and engagement rings. Need jewelry for your wedding? At Grau Jewelry you will find it all!
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These magnificent jewels are the most recent creation of the house and represent the perfect expression of good taste and high jewelry. The care and attention to detail are evident in their 18K white gold workmanship, accentuated by the brilliance of the 14 diamonds (0.25 carats) that embellish their main bars with a wrap-around effect thanks to their crossbow clasp. On the other hand, we have chosen two pear cut Morganites, adding a bold sparkle to these captivating pieces. How to combine these elegant earrings? The recommendation is to go for other jewelry from the Grau collection, in particular the Cosmos and Halo collections. These pieces will go perfectly with the earrings, enhancing their sophistication and allowing your spirit to shine brightly wherever you go.
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