• Aura Long Earrings Grau

Aura Long Earrings Grau

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In the history of Jewelry Online Grau, craftsmanship intertwines with innovation to bring to life jewels that transcend trends. The Aura Long Earrings are a perfect example of this symbiosis, where timeless elegance is renewed with a modern and sophisticated touch.

18Kt rose gold takes center stage in these Grau long earrings. Its warmth and natural shine are enhanced by diamonds, symbols of purity and eternity. Each diamond in the two strips is carefully selected for its cut, color, and clarity, and is set with precision in a Russian mouth, creating an effect of infinite sparkles that captivates the eye. To accentuate the sobriety and delicacy of the Aura Long Earrings, two flowers are incorporated that end in a button closure, creating pieces full of fluidity and exceptional beauty.
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