• Aura Long Earrings Grau Yellow Gold

Aura Long Earrings Grau Yellow Gold

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With the Aura Long Earrings, the modern woman becomes the protagonist of her own story, a story written with threads of yellow gold and diamonds, under the light of the moon and stars. These pieces are a timeless investment that will be passed down from generation to generation, a legacy of elegance and good taste that will endure over time.

This season, the Aura earrings in 18Kt yellow gold are added to Joyería Grau. Diamonds, eternal symbols of purity and eternity, shine delicately on two chains. Each diamond, carefully selected for its cut, color, and clarity, has been precisely set in the Russian mouth, an ancestral technique that enhances its beauty and allows light to reflect in multiple facets, creating an effect of infinite flashes that hypnotizes those who contemplate them. Style ideas? For a classic look, combine them with an evening dress in neutral tones or a fitted cocktail dress. If you're looking for a more modern style, dare to combine them with a jeans and shirt set, or an asymmetrical cocktail dress. As for jewelry, the Aura Long Earrings are striking enough to be the centerpiece of the look, so we recommend combining them with simple and discreet accessories, such as a fine necklace or minimalist bracelets from the Aura collection.
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