• Grau Platinum Diamond Earrings

Grau Platinum Diamond Earrings

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Sophistication and modernity converge in these exquisite long Grau diamond earrings, a creation that celebrates the beauty of geometric shapes and the eternal brilliance of precious stones. Designed for the contemporary and daring woman, these women's earrings are a style statement that does not go unnoticed.

The design of these platinum wedding earrings is inspired by the purity and elegance of geometric shapes. Three diamonds, each with a different cut, come together in a harmonious composition that delicately descends from the earlobe. At the top, a pear-shaped diamond adds a touch of avant-garde and originality. In the center, a round diamond adds a classic and timeless element. And at the bottom, a pear-shaped diamond, with its elongated and elegant silhouette, culminates the composition with a touch of sophistication.
  • Reference:A50SG4M@PT

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