• Necklace Grau circles Pink Gold and Diamonds

Necklace Grau circles Pink Gold and Diamonds

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More than a simple adornment, this Grau necklace becomes a language of emotions. The combination of gold and diamonds, two elements with a long history of symbolism, evokes feelings of love, commitment, eternity and triumph.
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The two central circles, united in an eternal embrace, represent the perfect union of two souls, the dance between strength and delicacy. One circle, set with brilliant-cut diamonds, radiates an essential light, evoking the vitality and energy that beat in the heart. The other circle, plated in 18kt rose gold, symbolises warmth, creating a captivating contrast. The forçat chain, woven with gold links, becomes a canvas in itself, enhancing the magnificence of the two central circles.
  • Reference:356CI560PA@BTP

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