• Grau Rosetón Yellow Gold and Diamond Necklace

Grau Rosetón Yellow Gold and Diamond Necklace

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The Grau Rosetón necklace is a piece of surprising versatility. Its design, both classic and contemporary, makes it the perfect complement for a wide range of styles and occasions. For a casual yet sophisticated look, pair it with a turtleneck sweater and fitted jeans. If you're looking for a more elegant and refined style, opt for a simple evening dress and let the Rosetón necklace be the center of attention.
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The inspiration behind the Grau necklace is clear: the delicate beauty of the natural world. The pendant, with its floral shape of six petals, is adorned with a constellation of diamonds, each meticulously selected and set to maximize its brilliance and radiance. The result is a piece that captures the ephemeral essence of flowers, transforming it into an everlasting treasure. The choice of 18Kt yellow gold for the chain and pendant setting is no coincidence. This precious metal, known for its durability and warm golden hue, perfectly complements the cool beauty of the diamonds. The chain, thin and delicate, allows the pendant to be the undisputed protagonist, while the setting, secure and discreet, enhances the beauty of each individual diamond.
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