• Triple Grau Ring in Rose Gold and Diamonds

Triple Grau Ring in Rose Gold and Diamonds

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Introducing a piece that redefines modern elegance for this season: the Grau ring. This jewel is a statement of style, an expression of individuality, and a symbol of timeless sophistication.
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This Grau ring stands out for its innovative and sophisticated design. Three bands of 18Kt rose gold intertwine, creating an effect of movement and dynamism. The central band, smooth and polished, contrasts with the two side bands, adorned with small gold spheres that provide texture and volume. In the center, a central brilliant-cut diamond emerges as the protagonist, surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds that enhance its brilliance. The beauty of this women's ring lies in its versatility. Its timeless and elegant design makes it the perfect complement for any occasion. During the day, it can be combined with a casual and carefree look, providing a touch of shine and sophistication. At night, it transforms into the protagonist of a more formal outfit, enhancing elegance and glamour.

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