• Pandora Moments O Pendant

Pandora Moments O Pendant

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The firm continues to renew its accessories to decorate and complete your Pandora necklace with the unique design of its new O Moments pendant, made in 925 silver. This innovative piece is made up of small spheres that are joined in a spherical piece that is engraved with the unmistakable brand logo.

The unmistakable style of the brand is again noted with the creation of an exclusive pendant in sterling silver, the O Moments pendant. This precious jewel, ideal to adorn and complement your Pandora necklaces, is once again inspired by that very human desire to save and collect the moments lived in our memory. It is a piece that stands out for its sobriety and discretion, at the same time that it surprises with its beauty. Its size is small and it is composed of delicate spheres that are attached to each other and that end in a spherical piece engraved with the signature logo. Find out on our website!
  • Reference:399077C00

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