• Pandora Glittering Balloon Mummy Pendant Charm

Pandora Glittering Balloon Mummy Pendant Charm

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In our mother's warm embrace, we've always found the love and reassurance we needed, and with the Pandora Glittering Balloon Mummy Pendant Charm you'll discover a beautiful way to pay homage to that wonderful woman. Give her this dancing symbol of the beginning of your story.     

Loaded with emotion and sentiment, from the Pandora Moments collection comes the Pandora Mom Shiny Balloon Pendant Charm. Hand-finished in sterling silver, this charm features two spherical pendants suspended on a finely polished ring. The first pendant bears the inscription 'MUM' (Mum), the letter 'U' having been replaced by a heart adorned with an engraving of a map of the continents. The other pendant is revealed to be luminous with a disc covered with hand-applied blue transparent enamel representing the parallels and meridians with a small heart in its centre, and on the back is the inscription 'You mean the world to me'. Shout to the whole world that you have a special person you call 'Mom'.

  • Reference:799368C01

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