• Pandora Moments Polished Ribbon Clip

Pandora Moments Polished Ribbon Clip

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Your moments bracelet will look minimalist, balanced and elegant, with the modern Pandora clip with 14K rose gold plating. How about combining metals, moments and textures?

With the typical beauty that characterizes Pandora pieces, this elegant-looking clip will inspire you to look harmonious in looks where understated charm is the star. Hand-finished with 14K rose gold plating, the Pandora clip adjusts as you place the roses on your Moments bracelet to close properly. The clip's pattern features flowing, flat ribbons that intertwine, creating a pleasingly textured, minimalist look. Highlight your Moments bracelets with Pandora charms and balance the weight of the bracelet with the polished ribbon clip - the creativity is endless!
  • Reference:789502C00

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