• Pandora Charm Pendant with Key and Padlock

Pandora Charm Pendant with Key and Padlock

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This Pandora charm revolutionizes love with a timeless symbol: the padlock and its key. Give or treat yourself to a unique manifestation of affection that you will remember forever because of its beauty and design.

A jewel to celebrate love and connections arrives to Grau Jewelry. It is a pendant charm inspired by the padlocks that are hung on bridges around the world. This charm, compatible with Moments bracelets and necklaces, is electrolytically plated in 14K rose gold and features a small clear cubic zirconia charm and an engraving with the word 'love'. Wear it with your iconic outfits or give one of the two pieces to your favorite person - they will be delighted with such a meaningful gift!
  • Reference:780088C01