• Pandora All-Seeing Eye Charm

Pandora All-Seeing Eye Charm

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This ancient Egyptian symbol is here to become your most chic talisman. It is a Pandora charm, compatible with your favorite Moments bracelets. Wear and combine this mystical piece of jewelry with other charms to create bohemian and spectacular outfits.

A Pandora charm full of transforming energy arrives at Grau Jewelry. This beautiful piece from the Moments collection, presents an electrolytic coating of 14K rose gold and has a beautiful eye embellished with blue, white and transparent enamel that radiates vitality and spiritual light. Above the eye, sparkling transparent cubic zirconia are visible, and the pattern on the charm is the hypnotic factor of the jewelry. Create your good mood with a Pandora charm that will keep away bad energies.
  • Reference:780097C01